Looking for a good laugh before kicking off your New Years Eve festivities?  Check out the article on PCWorld by Brennon Slattery entitled “Is the Skype Crash Windows’ Fault or Skype’s?”  For those unfamiliar, Skype suffered a major outage on the 22nd of December that took 10 million users offline for approximately 24 hours.  I won’t go into the gritty details here, but Skype CIO Lars Rabbe explained in detail the cause of the issue on Skype’s official blog

Slattery goes on to quote the specific reasons from Rabbe’s post as to why the outage occurs, and even offers an excellent solution to the problem in the future: automatic updates for the Skype Client.  Then, in the last paragraph, the article takes a drastic turn for the crazy and tries to pin the blame on Microsoft Windows.  It’s apparent that Slattery is not a Microsoft fan by any means, but come on, even this is a stretch.

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