Google Killing Off CalDAV API

From the Official Google Blog: CalDAV API will become available for whitelisted developers, and will be shut down for other developers on September 16, 2013. Most developers’ use cases are handled well by Google Calendar API, which we recommend using instead. If you’re a developer and the Calendar API won’t work for you, please fill out this form to […]

Vizio Co-Star Review

There’s no shortage of competition in the marketplace today for the coveted space in the living room: below your TV.  Apple, Microsoft, Western Digital, Roku, Sony and Netgear all have products today all vying to be your media streamer of choice.  Vizio threw their hat into ring this week, releasing their $99 Co-Star GoogleTV device […]

Usurping The TiVo…

My experience with the  DVR dates back to the ReplayTV days, in fact the ReplayTV 5000 series still holds the title as my favorite DVR.  With features like automatic commercial skip and Internet show sharing, the ReplayTV was ahead of it’s time in the DVR space.  Unfortunately, it was these same features that caused content […]

“Blu-ray is a bag of hurt”

These where the words uttered by Steve Jobs during a Q&A session at a special Macbook event three years ago when asked why the technology was not included in the Macbook refresh.  As I learned the hard way tonight, maybe he was right.

Review: GameMine Video Game Rental Service

Outside of writing, Video Games are one of my few outlets in life.  The obsession started with the Atari 2600, and over the years I’ve owned more consoles than I care to mention.  Today, my consoles are limited to the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, and just for good measure I mix in a […]

Irresponsible Reporting 101: PCWorld

Looking for a good laugh before kicking off your New Years Eve festivities?  Check out the article on PCWorld by Brennon Slattery entitled “Is the Skype Crash Windows’ Fault or Skype’s?”  For those unfamiliar, Skype suffered a major outage on the 22nd of December that took 10 million users offline for approximately 24 hours.  I […]

The Curious Case of the Apple TV

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the Apple TV.  At different points I owned three different original Apple TVs, selling each on eBay and then re-buying a few months later.  It was a vicious cycle.  When Apple announced Apple TV 2, against my better judgement, I pre-ordered one (and continue to use it today). […]